Friday, May 28, 2010

Elie Van Damme Sculpture. St Andries. Late 50's

Elie Van Damme made this ceramic sculpture at the Amphora plant, but it never went into production.This is truly a unique piece and super addition to our collection....Stunning!
Signed in full "Elie Van Damme" partially covered by the glaze.
Lenght and height about 32 cm.

Huge Selenium Red Vase by Perignem. Beernem

Huge Perignem vase in mint condition. Very rare to find in this size and condition...
Height 72 cm!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Inspiring Ceramics : Colours & Surfaces....

Oxide Yellow, Burned Selenium Red, Warm Grey, Metallic Green....and Wood
Amphora & Perignem. 1960's

Inspiring Ceramics #2 Amphora Trio 1960's

Amphora Dishes. Selenium Red. 1960's

29 and 21 cm diameter.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oswald Tieberghien "Levensboom"

Stunning wall plaquette by Oswald Tieberghien.
Typical selenium red, white and mint glazes....
Signed bottom right.

Amphora Mother and Child by Elie Van Damme

Mother and child ceramic sculpture designed by Elie Van Damme for Amphora. 1960's.
Nice detail: like many of Elie Van Damme's figures she is looking up....
Very nice blue and lavender hues.In perfect condition.
Height about 40 cm. Stamp-signed Amphora.