Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Metal/Perspex giant floorlamp. 1950's/60's

New in our collection of 50's lamps : this tall floorlamp, featuring black enameled metal base with rotating white perspex shade....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Elie Van Damme Sculpture ca 1960. #6

Ceramic sculpture by Elie Van Damme.
From the red reduction glaze series.
Made @ the Amphora studio around 1960.
Perfect condition. Signed

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mini sculpture by Elie Van Damme. 1960's

We just adore this funny lady from the sixties.
Small ceramic sculpture by Elie van Damme. Metallic black and bronze glaze.
Height ca 10 cm.
Signed in full 'Elie Van Damme'
Perfect condition.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Elie Van Damme Sculpture Late 50's #5

This particular sculpture has been on our wishlist for a very long time. We are so happy to finally welcome it into our ceramics collection... Like most of our Elie Van Damme sculptures it has been hidden on an attick for almost 50 years !
Black experimental glaze.
Perfect condition, signed in full 'Elie Van Damme'
Made @ the Amphora studio. St Andries

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Early plate by Oswald Tieberghien. 1950's

This unique decorative plate was made in his early period : the second half of the 1950's.
Moulded plate with handformed decoration : The female figure , one of Tieberghien's favourite and most sought-after subjects....
Perfect condition.
Handsigned with cold enamel on the back.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Perignem : 'boxy vase' #2 by Liesbeth Vandeweghe. Early 70's

Free-formed vase by Liesbeth Vandeweghe. Abstract decor with eroded effect and stunning 70's colours. Lavender blue on the inside.
Height ca 15 cm.
Signed 'Perignem' and 'E. Vandeweghe'

Perignem : 'boxy vase' #1 by Liesbeth Vandeweghe. Early 70's

Free-formed 'boxy' vase created by Liesbeth Vandeweghe. This vase was custom made in the early 70's. Off white glaze & brutalist structure with 'sunset' decor. Cobalt blue on the inside.
Height ca 39 cm.
Signed Perignem

Perignem : ceramic object by Liesbeth Vandeweghe. Early 70's

Playful ceramic object created by Liesbeth Vandeweghe. Made from 'thrown leftovers' There are several objects from these series, each one unique....
Blacks & bronzes. Lenght ca 18 cm.
Early 70's. Signed 'Perignem'

Friday, August 12, 2011

Perignem : elegant vase ca 1965/70

Elegant Perignem vase from the mid 60's.
Black metallic glaze with bronze and selenium red details. White on the inside.
Height 47 cm. Perfect condition.

Amphora sculpture by Elie van Damme N°2.2

Early moulded Amphora sculpture, created by Elie Van Damme ca 1960.
Black metallic glaze.
Perfect condition.
Signed with moulded mark " N°2.2 " on the base and Amphora sticker.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Large orange vase by Keramar. Bruges 1960's

Elegant deep orange vase made by Keramar (signed MK) from Bruges.
Keramar was a ceramics workshop, founded somewhere in the early 60's. Untill the present it is still unknown who was the artist behind this studio.... Most of their production was of very high quality and made in the typical style of Amphora and Perignem.
Height 40 cm. 1960's