Saturday, April 30, 2011

Perignem ceramic pendants. 1950's

Ceramic pendants from the 50's.
2 are in platinum luster glaze, and one actually contains blue glass. Leftovers from the Perignem stained windows and glass in concrete walls were baked together with the clay and melted at high temperature.
Stunning sparkling effect !

Friday, April 29, 2011

Perignem : vase by Marcel Catry

Huge and rare handthrown Perignem vase, made around 1958/1965.
These 'one-off' vases were created/decorated by the artists working for Perignem in the late 50's and early 60's.
This one is created by Marcel Catry, but at that time there were many artist at work in Beernem , such as Johan Nyssen, Yves Rhayé, Hansheinz Goll and Octave Landuyt who all made stunning pieces!
72 cm high.

Perignem : vase by Johan Nyssen #2.

Great addition to our collection of art ceramics : handthrown "Minaret" vase decorated by Johan Nyssen.
Dark blue glaze with bright blue highlights.
Perignem Beernem. ca 1965

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HrVi Harvey Bouterse Ceramic Bullets

Gold Doré ceramic hand made bullets with Metal chain...

Harvey Bouterse Ceramic pendant

Gold Doré glazed ceramic pendant 27cm
, with black vintage leather adjustable cord.Made at Perignem atelier Beernem Belgium

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Huge Perignem vase, decorated by Yves Rhayé. 1960's

Very tall (70 cm) vase with abstract decor by Yves Rhayé.
Made between 1962 and 1965.
Signed Perignem.

Perignem 'Decanter' by Johan Nyssen. ca 1958/1960

Rare ceramic decanter with insect-like decor by Johan Nyssen.
We really love this piece, and it is a super addition to our collection !
Only 8 of these decanters have been made.
Late 50's early 60's.
In perfect condition with original leather strap.

Elisabeth Vandeweghe 'Sgraffito" vase. Perignem 1970's

Stunning cobalt blue cylinder vase with carved "sgraffito" decor by Elisabeth vandeweghe.
Height ca 23 cm.
Signed 'Perignem' and 'Elisabeth Vandeweghe'
Early 1970's

Perignem "Miniature" reduction vase #3. 1960's

Miniature vase in a extremely rare 'reduction' glaze.
As the reduction process (with a secret chemical ingredient) damaged the oven it was not often applied...
Due to the uncontrollable process each piece had a unique metallic glaze, with typical rainbow colours and sometimes volcanic surface....
Height ca 9 cm.
Signed Per(ignem)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Miniature vases #2..... Amphora 1960's

Another miniature vase from our collection.
Flawless curves and deep orange-red glaze.
Amphora 1960's.
Height ca 9 cm. Perfect condition.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rogier Vandeweghe : early Perignem vase. 1950's

Vase with lovely decor handpainted by Rogier Vandeweghe in his typical style.
Signed with early 1950's Perignem signature.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ceramic Lion # 2 by Elisabeth vandeweghe.Perignem

Rare edition of the famous 'Perignem Ceramic Lion' created by Liesbeth Vandeweghe.
There were at least 3 different versions of this subject....
This piece comes in a fantastic bronze luster glaze.
Signed E. Vandeweghe on the inside. 1960's

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perignem "Miniature" vases. 1960's

Our new obssesion : miniature vases....
Every single one is a little piece of art. But the yellow one is our favourite.
All between 9 and 12 cm high.
Perfect condition, signed Per(ignem)

Perignem 'Flute' and 'Apple' vases. 1960's

2 stunning vases in selenium red. Both edited by perignem in the 1960's.
Flute vase : 51 cm.
Apple vase : 20 cm.

Perignem Orange to Red "Dégradé" cylindrical Vase. 1960's

This is a very fragile piece, as the vase-walls are extremely thin...
Subtle gradient glaze : from bright orange to deep red. White on the inside.
Height ca. 37 cm.

Elisabeth Vandeweghe Floral vase.# 2 Perignem 1970's

This is the second vase from the floral series in our collection.
Matte and shiny platinum luster glaze.Handformed by Elisabeth Vandeweghe. Each vase is unique.
Slightly higher than the first one.
Signed at the back. 1970/72

Monday, April 11, 2011

Yves Rhaye : 2 oil paintings on canvas. Late 1960's

These 2 paintings are made by Yves Rhayé in the late 60's.
From the "Germination" and "Formes Oeufs" series.
Both signed and in very good condition.
Original frames.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Harvey Bouterse Ceramic Dish "Hunger" Beernem 2010/2011

Ceramic dish by Harvey Bouterse made at the Perignem Studio.
Black metallic glaze.
Beernem 2010/2011

Wouter Hoste ceramic objects. "Lifeform 1-2 & 3. Beernem 2010/2011

3 ceramic objects by Wouter Hoste.
Lifeform : #1 TXP 6049 #2 F-18 and #3 Model 2018
Black metallic glaze, mounted on a piece of wood.
Made at the Perignem studio. Beernem 2010/2011

Elie Van damme "Vietcong" sculpture 1960's #2

Lifesize ceramic sculpture by Elie Van Damme, made during the Amphora period (1950's/60's) in St. Andries.
Red chamotte clay en black glaze with eroded structure.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Amphora Lampfoot and red vase. St. Andries 1960's

Our unexpected find of today, a lampfoot in off-whites and greens, edited by Amphora . 1960's.
Height ca 40 cm.
In perfect condition.