Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Wouter Hoste : moonscapes. Lunar 1 & 2

 Ceramic reliefs. Lunar 1 & 2.
Made in colab with Atelier Franssens.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Octave Landuyt : Forme d'apprentissage/ de Stille Leervorm 1964

 Oil on panel by Octave Landuyt 1964.
99/94 cm.

Octave Landuyt. The goldpit.


Octave Landuyt, "The Goldpit"
Ceramic, gold mounted in a copper box.
54,5/54,5 cm

Roger Bonduel #3

 A big wall relief/sculpture named "Offerande 1. relief 44.1 A
July 1963.
Pewter front with iron hanging system.
87/59 cm.
Signed twice

Roger Bonduel sculpture


By the end of the 60's and beginning of the 70's, Bonduel made a series of 
nickel sculptures. Soon realising that this was very harmful to his health
he had to stop using nickel. 
( in conversation with Bonduel summer of 2017)
This particular sculpture has been part of the Georges Vandenbussche 
(Konstructo architects) collection...
Magazine picture taken from 
Art d'Eglise Jan/Feb 1969

Roger Bonduel

 It has been a while since we've posted about our collection. So let's pick up the conversation
with these two beautiful Roger Bonduel pieces.
A bronze hanger ( quite heavy) and a yellow copper crucifix.
Both signed on the back.
Hanger 9,5 cm and crucifix 22,5 cm.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Spacegloves by Wouter Hoste 2020

Spacegloves. Ceramic sculptures.
© Wouter Hoste 2020.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Moonraker vast & Can You Handle it vase. 
Both from 2019
© Wouter Hoste

Bamboo Automatique

Bamboo Automatique vase. 2012
Prometheus sculpture. 2017

Prometheus & Alien Bones

Prometheus vase and Alien Bones lamp.
© Wouter Hoste

Friday, February 28, 2020

Smoking Goddess 2 Lamp

You're smoking too much, Dear.
© Wouter Hoste 2019

Smoking Goddesses

Trinity of smoking Goddesses.
Small version ca 20 cm.
© Wouter Hoste 2019

Towering Hair Lamp.

Sculptural lamp named "Towering Hair"
From the Hair & Goddess series.
© Wouter Hoste 2019

Yellow Illuminated Shelter

Here i did a test with an old Perignem glaze,
a left over from the 60's. This sharp lemon yellow works best
on a red clay underground as it is semi transparent.
© Wouter Hoste 2019

Shelter lamp sculptures.

The first two illuminated sculptures from the Shelter series.
Finished with a matte velvet-like glaze.
© Wouter Hoste 2019