Saturday, November 29, 2014

Octave Landuyt/Perignem. "Louis XIV" 1961

Ceramic sculpture by Octave Landuyt.
Made @ the Perignem studio in 1960/61.
Original exhibition image from his 
expo @ Huidevettershuis Brughes 1961.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Amphora : Lidded Vessel "Potiche" . 1960's

Nice medium sized black vessel from Amphora.
Described and depicted as "Potiche N°4" in the Amphora
catalogue... In total the catalogue contains 48 different vessels.
We only/already have 3 of them in our collection. Up to the next 45 !
Diameter ca 15 cm.

Amphora : Copper Reduction Shell. ca 1965

I had never seen these ceramics shells before.
From the Amphora studio, metallic black on the outside,
and our favorite "copper reduction" on
the inside.
Width ca 37 cm 

Perignem set of "Brutalist" vases. 1960's

2 nice Perignem vases from the 60's .
Typical Perignem use of colors : combinations of 
different blacks & bronzes.