Saturday, March 30, 2013

Giant Bespoke Amphora . Unica ca 1960/63

This is the tallest Amphora we have in our collection.
It measures 103 cm high.
Experimental glazes and carved decor.

Oswald Tieberghien Ceramic Panel : Rooster. ca 1960

The graphic and imaginary world of Oswald Tieberghien is very distinctive and recognizable.
This rooster is a perfect example of his 1960's work and we love it !
4 tiles mounted on wood panel.
Perfect condition.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Harvey Bouterse Ceramics " JANE "

- Manganese clay 0,02 mm chamotte  with gold doré glaze
- Vintage silver fox fur  garment
- black leather belt
- ceramic gold doré glazed pearls on a metal chain necklace

Harvey Bouterse Ceramics " OCTAVE "

- red clay 0,02mm chamotte layered red/orange glaze
- pearl knit black dress 100%wool
- lambskin leather top
- ceramic selenium red glazed pearls on a metal chain necklace
- red wax coated cord
- cotton/silk blend black ribbon
- brown leather vintage belt

Harvey Bouterse Ceramics " DENISE "

- manganese clay 0,2 mm chamotte light sanded with matte white glaze
- knitted vison mohair dress
- 100%cotton fitted top
- dark brown tulle
- vintage metal necklace
- 2x metal rings
- Belgian army medallion on a leather cord

Harvey Bouterse Ceramics " OSWALD "

- Manganese clay 0,2 mm chamotte - green doré glaze
- British woven 10% wool suit
- 100% swiss cotto blue collar shirt
- Red satin necktie

Harvey Bouterse Ceramics " LIESBETH "

- manganese clay 0,2mm chamotte light sanded - gold doré glaze
- 100% wild silk top
- metal necklace with pendant , origin marrakech
- metal chain necklace with e ceramic tooth pendant in white clay + matte white glaze
- 100% silk british georgette white underskirt
- brown leather vintage belt

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vintage backstage pass. 1985

Vintage backstage pass from one of the first
'Antwerp Six' fashion shows in Antwerp...
Black screenprint on white pvc with safety pin.
6/5 cm.

early Amphora

Early Amphora vase, a typical Rogier Vandeweghe design. 
There are many variations of this model :
 vases and lamp feet (with or without the ocopus eyes) Executed in many different colors.
This one has a rare super-shiny glaze in combination with earthy tones...
Perfect condition. Signed
Ca 41 cm high.