Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HrVi garage

HrVi 2010.
Date and location on request mail to : harveybouterse@mac.com


William Haines was a legendary Hollywood decorator and redefined the way movie stars lived.He also was a famous actor in the 1920's.
He designed the original "Ice Cristals" sconces for the May house in 1953, using faceted pieces of acrylic material.
There is still a limited edition available .Priced @ 25.000 Euro a pair they are not for everyones budget but in life there must always be things to dream about....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mart Van Schijndel lamp 1978

Mart Van Schijndel was a Dutch architect (1943-1998) who worked and lived in Utrecht, Holland.
We have found 2 lamps : a huge folded metal light named "SLACK" designed in 1978.Pictures of this light object will follow later on. (it's really hard to make good pictures of this lamp)
The second one (see pictures above) is a smaller sized metal table lamp that looks like a skyscraper.It also reminds us of the "Signal"floor lights by Serge Mouille.
All the lamps were made under the label Martech, the architects own company, and were produced in very small editions in artisanal ateliers.
We love the lamps and their story, so sorry guy's, these lamps are not for sale.....