Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Perignem Art Ceramics : Expo @ den Dyver 1958

Perignem Art Ceramics : Octave Landuyt

After Rogier Vandeweghe left Perignem in 1956
his brother Laurent Vandeweghe allowed
several artists to work at the Perignem studio.
Octave Landuyt was one of them.
Landuyt started in 1956 and stayed until the late 1990's.
His work had a big influence on the typical
Perignem style and identity...

2014 is here...

Hopefully this year we will be able to 
finalize all research, interviewing, photographing 
and editing for our book "Perignem Art Ceramics" by WouterHarvey.
More info following later this year.